We visited and joined the Davsons Motocross Park Pro Championship last Sunday. With Our mobile phone and Drone, we took some best shots from these champions! Let’s enjoy and look back at the highlights of this Full packed event! FJ Moto Enduro LABL Moto Surf Warehouse Manila OZRacing Lifestyle Philippines Cocoa Monster Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp


The LABL Shootfest 2021 supposedly was just a photo and film shoot for LABL. Since many would like to join with their friends and families, we have added a fun race, raffle and a night film show to spice up the event! Living A Balanced Life is an advocacy that LABL wanted to share to everyone. This event perfectly achieved it as we were looking back to what had transpired that day… Imagine, doing what you love while sharing the fun with your kids and having your wife at your side to support you. What about that moment, you, hearing your friends shouting and cheering for you while you were racing wearing nothing but briefs. The sight of people laughing together, who didn’t know each other at first but eventually became friends that same day because they shared the same interests. These are just a few of positive stories that had happened, there are still lots of them. If we will just try within ourselves and share to everyone about Living A Balanced Life, this life during and after this Pandemic will be worthwhile.

Filmed by Motorcycle Cinema

Photo by Christian De Leon, Peaboh David and Dennis Saco


Filmed by Motorcycle Cinema

We, The Motorcycle Cinema participated in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2021. Being introduced to a friend of a friend is like an unending network of a bigger community ready to unite for one goal, to raise funds, promote social awareness and pursue the mission to support men’s health globally. Seeing everyone not only in their dapper outfit but with an even dapper bike is a great experience. Our eyes were kept busy staring and chasing those sights all day making it more fun and exciting! A DGR Experience is definitely something to be listed and ticked off on your bucket list!

Photos by Christian de Leon


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