LABL is a lifestyle brand that promote its advocacy to Live A Balanced Life Vinduro PH on the other hand is a community of classic/vintage enthusiasts across the globe. Moved by the same passion in spreading the rich culture of vintage/classic through art like film and photography, LABL and Vinduro PH formed this collaborative project. View the collection here.

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Riding provides us the feeling of Freedom. The only time we completely take control of our lives. When you only think about that exact moment. Free from uncertainties and requirements of the world. Tonight, at 8 pm, experience Freedom right at your own seats. Let’s watch together the Premiere Night Film show entitled, “Let Me Be Free.”


Motorcycle Cinema Crew rode side by side with FJ Moto Team and TLR to Laiban and Daraitan. Passed by the dirt roads, dark tunnels and getting refreshed in the cool waters of the river. Big thanks to all our partners Motosurf Warehouse Manila, FJ Moto and LABL (Living A Balanced Life). Motorcycle Cinema is a group of film makers who love riding motorcycles. We artistically create and produce corporate videos for motorcycle inclined brands. Whether it be for AVP, Commercials and online postings in different Social Media Platforms.


Every Drop and Every Fall will be Easy with Family and Friends Looking Over Your Shoulder. The Motorcycle Cinema Team stayed in Bulod for a night together with their families. While the team was riding through the mountains of Tanay, their families went on a boat ride and had fun swimming in the river. They graced the peaceful evening with Bbq, Hotdogs and Smores over bonfire while listening to the strums of the guitar. They ended the night with a good night sleep inside the glamping tent. Thank You Bulod for this wonderful experience!



During our stay in Bulod, we get to ride and trail in the mountains of Rizal and we met a pony who ran with us in the longest part of our trip. We named her Petra even though we don’t have an idea of her gender. This video is the first part of the Make Me Run Video, which both video shows


The LABL Shootfest 2021 supposedly was just a photo and film shoot for LABL. Since many would like to join with their friends and families, we have added a fun race, raffle and a night film show to spice up the event! Living A Balanced Life is an advocacy that LABL wanted to share to everyone. This event perfectly achieved it as we were looking back to what had transpired that day… Imagine, doing what you love while sharing the fun with your kids and having your wife at your side to support you. What about that moment, you, hearing your friends shouting and cheering for you while you were racing wearing nothing but briefs. The sight of people laughing together, who didn’t know each other at first but eventually became friends that same day because they shared the same interests. These are just a few of positive stories that had happened, there are still lots of them. If we will just try within ourselves and share to everyone about Living A Balanced Life, this life during and after this Pandemic will be worthwhile.

Filmed by Motorcycle Cinema

Photo by Christian De Leon, Peaboh David and Dennis Saco

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